NextGen manpower platform

How can konforza help you?

Job facilitation in energy industry

KonForza is based on 20 years of experience in all aspects of independent contractors, freelancers and companies. This provides us with the excellent advantage of knowing each side and thus makes us capable of better serving both parties as one-stop digital NextGen facilitation solution in the energy industry.

We are building the energy industry’s largest NextGen manpower marketplace, connecting independent contractors and freelancers with leading energy industry companies. Fully compliant digital experience with industries most advanced profile verification system.

Access international workforce

We put at your disposition our
international network of vertified freelancers.

We use work history, certifications,
location, and reviews to help match you with the right candidates for every job posting.

Reducing your time to hire

It takes us less than time to match you with more than 15 freelancers than making an English tea. We are able to meet
challenging deadlines to ensure you have the workforce you need on time and within your budget.

It takes you only 10 minutes to submit the job posting, and we will handle the rest.

Market insight

With KonForza you have exclusive market insight into manpower demand worldwide. 

As a client you always have a dedicated industry professional ready to offer you ongoing advice and sparring with regards to market trends.

Save office overhead, site management cost and time

Hire freelancers

Access our network of freelancers to find the qualified and experienced manpower you need.

Hire out your existing workforce

Easily hire out your existing manpower during standby periods, upgrade your contractors experience and increase your profitability.

Our Process

Benefits of our NextGen platform


No cost/standby between projects


Time optimization for companies


Create a pool of back-up candidates to ensure your project is always fully staffed


Very attractive payment terms


Review the profiles before activating them

Less HR work

The NextGen platform handles all documentation digitally


Powered by our internal verification system


Receive sparring by industry experts thought the collaboration