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Ensuring compliance, transparency, and flexibility for your manpower needs in the renewable energy sector, providing tailored workforce solutions to meet your unique project demands.

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Konforza Workforce

Providing fully compliant international workforce solutions for your project needs

Konforza Facilitation

Connecting you with the right independent contractors and consultants for flexible project execution.

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Workforce and Compliance

Our workforce is employed by Konforza to cover any need for compliant workforce our clients may have. We provide manpower to the next level by introducing our clients to a solution where Konforza takes responsibility for a compliant international workforce. Flexibility is a cornerstone in our business, and we take pride in custom made relations with our clients.

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Konforza can find the right independent contractors and/or consultants, for your needs. As our client, you make your request for competencies and qualifications.

This solution is as flexible as possible from job request to project execution. The independent contractor will be responsible for all country specific compliance.  

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