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Our goal is to empower a new generation of renewable industry experts and to support the current generation of experts.

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KonForza sets out to build a better experience for professionals in the renewable energy industry by connecting independent contractors with the right opportunities. 

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jobs in renewable energy - Home - KonForza
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jobs in renewable energy - Home - KonForza
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jobs in renewable energy - Home - KonForza
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Accessing job/project-related information has never been easier with our NextGen platform. Create new projects or respond to job notifications within minutes.

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Easy to use platform, with all work and job related information. We have digitalized the whole process.

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The platform is free to use, for both companies looking for manpower as well as freelancers.

“We created KonForza to empower a new generation of professionals in the renewable industry. We are here to make lifes easier for a lot of stakeholders in the industry”

Henrik Østgaard

Partner and Recruitment & Sales

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