Workforce and Compliance powered by Konforza

Powered by Konforza

Workforce and Compliance

Our workforce is employed by Konforza to cover any need for compliant workforce our clients may have. We provide manpower to the next level by introducing our clients to a solution where Konforza takes responsibility for a compliant international workforce.  Flexibility is a cornerstone in our business, and we take pride in custom made relations with our clients.

We support companies whose business is project based; this gives our clients the freedom to be scalable in their leverage of projects. The aim for Konforza is to engage and support the needs of our clients with highly qualified and compliant manpower. 

Sharing is caring; therefore, a part of our service is to pass on the knowledge we have within the industry and compliance with our clients. Dialogue is the way forward to a sustainable partnership in a more complex world of compliance.

Konforza has built partnerships with known and recognized international companies to assist us in meeting the demands for country specific compliance only to benefit the business of our clients. We take pride in having all relevant information and documentation available at any time for clients and our workforce.

Transparancy within pricing, finance and compliance is a keystone in our way of doing business, this brings clarity to our performance for both clients and employees.

We are your silent partner for compliant and quality execution.